We've Seen the Future!
And we believe it's the web. Software solutions that don't need installing, are accessible anywhere there is internet access and a simple web browser, and are easy to update and customize.

Below are some of the web-based solutions we've developed. While iMAST and iPurchase were developed specifically for the fishing industry, their concepts are applicable to many industries. If you are interested in these technologies for your company, we are happy to discuss customization of any of our products.

We also get excited about new product ideas. Let us know if you have something we can develop for you.

BIG FRESH control

BIG FRESH control is a web-based content management system to help you take back control of your website. BFcontrol is easy to use, customizable, web-based, and password protected. This is an ideal solution for web designers looking to provide a more comprehensive solution for their clients and for any website managers that want a quick easy method for updating their website. Modules include Page Content, News Manager, Event Manager, Employment Listings, Document Manager, Photo Gallery, Testimonials, Links, and much more.

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Big Fresh Control

Digital Paper Route

Digital Paper Route is a web-based solution for distributing all kinds of documents & reports. It is ideal for building officials, project managers, developers, architects, engineers, contractors and independent testing agencies. When communication is critical for a project, Digital Paper Route offers security, speed and efficiency that is unmatched by a traditional snail-mail paper trail. For more information visit:

Digital Paper Route

Event Registration

Our web-based Event Registration software is a complete registration tool for managing large or small event registrations. Users can register and pay for events online while administrators can manage all registration functions including batch processing, event capacity, individual account balances, event details, and event fees. This product is ideal for camps and conferences centers managing regular registration-based events.

Event Registration

Event Management

Our web-based Group Management software enables you to track, invoice, and communicate with organizations, groups, and manage events occurring in your facilities. This product would be applicable for managing seminars, training events, camps, retreats and many other events.

Event Management


Developed for the commercial fishing industry, iMAST (Internet Maritime Administrative Systems Technology) is a web-based software tool for remotely managing employees and fishing vessels. iMAST allows you to work with trip details, employee information, contract signatures, I-9/W-4 paperwork, and much more, all through one centralized easy-to-use web interface. For more information visit:



Also developed for the commercial fishing industry (but not limited to), iPurchase enables a boat crew to create grocery and supply purchase orders and manage inventory. Using the same web-based interface as iMAST, the home office, buyers and suppliers can instantly access and efficiently manage all purchasing.


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