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These days, there seems to be an app or a platform for everything. We’re solving complex problems with digital technology, and getting better at it every day. Enter the GoPuppy team—an entrepreneurial duo who wanted to bring transparency to the dog breeding world by connecting ethical breeders with conscientious puppy buyers. They reached out to Big Fresh, tasking us with creating a platform which blends the complexity of breeder day-to-day kennel management processes with an easy to use and easy to understand end user experience. This was not an easy task. Exhaustive research, numerous design rounds, and countless hours of development converged to create a state-of-the-art end product: a platform easily managed by breeders and transparent enough to appeal to fastidious buyers. It was a win-win, and we are happy to help the GoPuppy team push back against unscrupulous puppy mills the world over
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