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Investment 4: Effective Public Outreach

Investment 4: Effective Public Outreach

This is part 4 of a 4 part series called “Wise Investments” , see part 1 here, part 2 here, and part 3 here.


Investment 4: Effective Public Outreach

Did you know that the cornerstone of Google’s insane stock price and valuation is it’s advertising service, Google Ads? In 2015 google made $75 billion in revenue. Facebook’s valuation rose over 40% in 2015 as the company proved its ability to monetize and grow its user base. We’re seeing a lot of attention given to companies who are developing digital marketing tools and platforms from investors, who understand that digital marketing is rapidly eclipsing other, more traditional forms.

So what makes digital marketing so effective?

We mentioned Bob, the intrepid Outboard motor shop owner, in a previous installment of this series. In addition to tackling tricky PR situations, such as Bob’s, it can’t be emphasized enough how valuable and efficient your website and social channels can be for advertising.

You can get impressions on thousands of viewers and track exactly how much you spent per impression (an impression is someone seeing your ad on a search engine or social media feed, but not necessarily taking an action). No other advertising medium can make such a claim.

In addition to being more manageable and trackable than traditional advertising channels, such as radio, newspaper, or phone book listings, the possibilities to customize your web and social content are unlimited. Is it your goal to get on the front page of google search for your specific keywords? Adjust your copy, add content, and advertise via social channels. Do you want to bring people to your website and turn them not only into customers, but advocates for your brand? Build and manage a funnel.

Guide your customer through an inbound funnel

A major component of digital marketing is guiding your prospects through an inbound “funnel” where you are directing them to a particular outcome. What this boils down to is that you are targeting web users, drawing them in with offers and advertisements, and moving them through not only a conversion, but actively encouraging their advocacy of your brand.

Digital Marketing Funnel c/o

Combining pay per click advertising, social media ads and account management, blogging and content, and proper follow up with the public via your social media channels can create a powerful and cost effective tool for public outreach—one that any business interested in expanding and growing it’s brand cannot do without.

It’s also important to note that advertising and public outreach are in essence, experiments. As you collect more and more data, you can make better choices and run more specific experiments to get exactly the kinds of clients you want—a serious win for your company and your bottom line.

To Conclude

If you’re not sure that you’re maximizing the effectiveness of your website, your social media channels, and you don’t have a strategy in place to be a part of the modern conversation happening online, don’t fret. Help is only a phone call away (hint: look at the footer of this page!).

In addition, we’ve put together a few resources for you below, and if you do have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team: we love talking about the web!

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