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Wise Investments: A Series

Wise Investments: A Series


As a web agency, we’re in the business of selling. We sell a host of services to businesses in Bellingham and throughout Whatcom County through our Big Fresh umbrella. Ranging from social media management, to hosting, to web services like design and development, we’ve been in operation for 15 years and have seen it all.

Our sister company, Tech Help, sells IT support services, network management, and often is called upon for emergencies when companies are hacked or experience technological meltdown.

Sometimes, as we talk with clients or sell our services, we are met with resistance. Sticking points can be price, sometimes scale, but many businesses find reasons to avoid investing in their web and IT infrastructure.

These same people make investments in other aspects of their business and their lives every day. They put aside profits for reinvestment. They invest in human capital by training their employees. They invest in equipment to get the job done. They invest in their own health by exercising and eating right. They invest in their teeth by going to the dentist. All of the investments that people tend to make come as a result of their own life experience and the advice given to them by experts and the people they trust.

Investing in Your Web Presence

If you’re in the business of making investments (which you are if you’re paying taxes, making money, and buying food), how do you invest in your web presence, and why should you?

Conventional wisdom says “you should have a website”, and it is likely that you already have one. However, what we like to ask potential clients is: what does your website do for you, and how do you measure it?

If your answer to this question is “I don’t know”, or “not a lot”, or even “it helps people find me when they search on Google”, congratulations! We need to talk about your web investments.

So stay tuned for Investment #1: Information

This is a multi-part series which will be published on Tuesdays, check out the second post here.